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2019-2020 Season

The league has their own website which there is a link here


2018-2019 Season

The varsity of Los Alamos won the RGHSL in Santa Fe on March 10, 2019, by beating the Amarillo Big Bull Texans after they beat them on Saturday night.  The LA Hilltoppers beat them 3-2 in a very rousing game.  CONGRATULATIONS to the first RGHSL champions for the year!!!

Los Alamos Hilltoppers hockey team is a club team.  It is not sponsored by the public school system because the New Mexico Athletics Association does not support hockey.  However, in spite of this we continue to build these teams from the bottom up training program from Atoms all the way through midgets/high school.  In 2018, we even switched all the uniforms from the blue ram colors to the green/gold uniforms. except for the Atoms and Mites.  Those will be replaced in 2019.  We do request grades from the parents.  If we don't do this, these teams are no different than a midget team.  

The coaches & manager are

Head Coach-Kevin Brake

Assistant Coaches-

Brett Lincoln

Cory Johnson

Greg Cassados

Manager-Renee Dunwoody


The link below is to the standings of the league.