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  Coaches, I want to personally ask you to promote...
CEP certification course
  Coaches   There is one more CEP certification...
Season Begins November 15 2019
  Coaches   The rink will be openeing...
Level I Coaches Development in November!!
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by Bob Nolen posted 11/17/2019


I want to personally ask you to promote the Hull Hockey Camp that starts next Friday afternoon.  We have gone way out on a limb to bring this camp to town.  We need more players to sign up.  We are now at 22 players.  We need about this many more.  I have promoted it all over the state numerous times, Kyle Hull has also sent messages into NM, Southern Colorado, etc.  This is a great opportunity for 13 hours of on ice personal instruction and at the beginning of the season.  If they want to come and they do it at the last minute they can do it at the rink next Friday, however, since the wifi at the rink is not very strong, I ask them to bring a check.

Thank you,

Bob Nolen

CEP certification course
by Blake Nolen posted 11/10/2019



There is one more CEP certification course on November 24. It is a special course for 1,2, and 3 levels. This one will be very good as the head of the USA Hockey ADM model will be running it. Please attend if you haven't yet and let anyone else who is interested in coaching know! Below is the email from Jalmar to my Dad with specifics!





Thanks for asking but I hope I have your coaches covered with November 24, Outpost. 

My customary practice is one early September at Outpost and one late November Taos or Los Alamos for the reasons you mentioned.

This year almost no one signed up in September so I canceled it. 

Everyone gets the opportunity to join us the 24th. There is a bonus. One ice session with myself and local staff and another with Joe Bonnett ADM Director for USAH. Mites on the ice and class attendees assisting or witnessing the ADM practice he directs. 

I hope this will work out for your coaches I don’t expect that I can pull this off annually. Meaning I can’t promise this opportunity will arise again. Level 2 coaches needing recert for 3 are also welcome, they will help Joe administer the ADM clinic and have class sessions for level 3 certification.


You are welcome to distribute this email for affected coaches. Thanks!

Season Begins November 15 2019
by Blake Nolen posted 11/9/2019



The rink will be openeing on November 15 2019. I need you all to make sure you have your safe sport and background check completed before you can get on the ice! 

Head Coach's please log onto the website and select your team! You can email/view your rosters. Also you will need to hold a parent meeting. You need to invite Donna Pimentel and have your parents bring birth certificates to the meeting. Donna will view them and certify that the kids we say are playing are actually those kids! This is a USA hockey rule, this is why it so silly!

call me if you have any issues or questions! 505-412-1395

Head Coach


Level I Coaches Development in November!!
by Bob Nolen posted 9/4/2019


Jalmar Bowden, State Head Coach, is reminding all new coaches there is a Level 1 Clinic scheduled at Outpost on 11/24/2019.

It looks like only 3 people have signed up.  Please notify any possible new coaches.
Level 1,   11/24/2019--8:30 AM - 5:00 PM----Albuquerque,NM
Outpost Cool Loop Arena    


Thank you,