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Photos are ready

Hello Parents and Players, 

Photo Day is upon us again and this year we're doing things a little differently. We’re  excited to let you know that how you order your pictures has changed. It has always  been a chore for the league to distribute forms, parents to remember to send the forms  with the players & distribution of photos. We have eliminated all this!  

 You will be able to order at your convenience on a phone, tablet or computer. Your  order will be shipped to your house and you will be able to track the package.  

 Please watch the attached video of PhotoDay (90 Seconds), it walks you through our  process. 


Two easy ways to view 

Go to https://galleries.photoday.io/gallery/laha-21 


Text DTP2118 to the number 90738 

Once you sign in you will be sent a link to view and purchase your photos.  

Your satisfaction is our highest priority so please reach out to us if you have any  questions. The phone number is (505)662-2523 and our email  

is dontaylorphoto@gmail.com 


Don Taylor’s Photography


by posted 02/25/2021
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